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It's your choice, not your insurer's where you have your vehicle repaired.

Full Range of Bodywork & Spraying Services

Complete Range of Bodywork & Spraying Services - low bake oven.

Light Commercial Vans

Our services include the repair and bodywork maintenance of commercial fleet vehicles. We carry out paint sprays for all small and medium commercial vans - our attention to detail is exceptional.

Lining Out

Ply lining a vehicle effectively increases its durability, reducing wear and tear, prolonging its useful life and helping to retain the vehicles residual value.

Automotive Marine Ltd

We even Multi-Task

General bodywork repairs for cars, vans, camper-vans and HGVs. Scratch repairs. Bodywork and refinishing paint sprays for commercial vans. Multi-panel damage repair. Insurance work on crash damaged vehicles.

Minimise Downtime

Our team of highly skilled technicians ensure we minimise vehicle down time.
Smart repairs available for all vehicles.

Automotive Marine Ltd

As New Finish

Sill panel 'soft' through corrosion. Soft metal cut out. Surrounding area 'joggled' and replacement metal welded into place. A very light skim of body filler applied, rubbed down and primed, un-noticeable finish.

Automotive Marine Ltd

Mid Range Repair

The outer sills holed and corroded. Corrosion cut out and new sill welded to vehicle. New panel fitted and 'stone guard' applied that may be over painted at a later date, but not just now.

Automotive Marine Ltd

Basic  Inexpensive Repair

Customer just want's the area required to be repaired so that it will pass the MOT. This is a relatively quick (ish) repair. Sill is welded and then undersealed to protect the new metal.

Automotive Marine

Camper Vans - Motorhomes!
If you have been in an accident with your camper van - motorhome, come and see us for a free quotation. We can speak to your insurance company for you to help things progess smoothly and take away some of the stress.

01905 345409

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Upper Wolverton Farm
Egdon Lane
Stoulton, Spetchley
Tel: 01905 345409


+44 (0) 1905 345409
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